What's Going On

At present due to COVID-19 Bradwell Lodge is slowly bringing back events that fall with in the current Road Map to Recovery as set out by the Government.

As restrictions are lifted we will inform you of the events coming up.  All events will still have COVID-19 restrictions, such as handwashing/sanitising, face masks to be worn, one-way system for entering ands exiting the building, restricted capacity and Track and Trace.

We would love you all back at the Lodge but to do this we must ask you to follow any signs that are displayed, either or floor or on walls/doors/windows.  These are here not only for your protection and safety but also for the protection and safety of our volunteers.

News and Latest

In this section we will provide you with news  and latest information relating to Bradwell Lodge Community Centre. 

If you have any information you wish to be displayed in this section, please contact the Company Secretary  via any of the above  methods.

We hope that everyone is well after the recent lock downs?  As you know Government have come up with a Road Map to Recover.


We have been going through this to see when we can re-open safely and if there are any particular instances in which some events need to be delayed until the lock down restrictions have been removed on 21st June 2021.


We have therefore taken this opportunity to let you know our plans for re-opening.


Since the 12th April 2021, we have lifted some of the postponements that were put in place in line with the RMtR (Road Map to Recovery). 

Therefore non-essential shopping has been able to take place and our first event was a Book, Comic and Toy Fayre; which took place on Sunday 25th April.  This followed all the COVID-19 guidelines that we had already in place with a few additions.  Feedback from the event were favourable.


On the 6th May 2021, the Lodge will be used as a Poling Station for local elections. 

On the 9th May our second non-essential shopping event will take place Betty’s Vintage and Hand Crafted Fayre; once again under strict COVID-19 guidelines.


We can accommodate Support Groups already as there were an exception but we need to bear in mind that some of your client may fall in the over 70’s bracket and should therefore be self shielding until 21st June 2021.  If you think that you fall in to this category, please contact us to discuss your sessions restarting.


The majority of hirers/groups may wish to come back from Monday 17th May 2021, as the centre can re-open its doors fully subject to the RMtR criteria.  If you group/sessions fall within this category, once again we ask that you contact us to discuss your restart date.


If for any reason, you have decided not to return until after 21st June 2021 or have a party/private function booked, please can you contact us as soon as possible, this will allow your slots to be used by others, until your return.


It may seem that we are being advanced but we need to be able to complete the diary, to reflect the booking and carry out any changes required, prior to handing to volunteers to arrange opening and closings. 


You assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated. If for any reasons you are unable to speak to me via the office number